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Featured Classes, Workshops, and Projects

String & Nail Art and Tutu Making!
Instructor: Kate Holtzen
Location: Sacramento, CA

This craft is easy and on the rise in popularity in the last few years. Materials include cork board or wood slabs of any size, nails, beautiful multicolored string, and an excess of imagination and creativity! 

This does not require anything but elastic, tulle, and a keen sense of fashion! You can make one for yourself, a loved one, or a cute little kid!

Getting your Creative Mojo Movin'
Staying Inspired in the In-Between Times

Instructor: Kathy J., Shift: Where Head Meets Heart
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Creativity is the essence of life. No matter what your self-defined walk of life, being creative is an everyday adventure. Being creative is a lifestyle and a choice. As we kick off the weekend, we’ll put the kibosh on any creative limitations you might come in with. Kick the “I’m not creative” to the curb, reignite your creative fire and get the party started. In this class we’ll:  
  • Tune into your body to cultivate that feeling of inspiration using movement and mindfulness.
  • Design simple strategies to keep your creative projects moving using a hybrid of modern project management techniques and traditional medicine
  • Get in touch with creative energy as something that always exists inside of you versus something to be done. 

Kid-Tested, Adult Friendly!
Instructor: Marie LeBaron, Make and Takes
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Creative Canvas Yarn Art: Express your creativity through yarn in a no-sew environment. You'll be shaping, forming, and collaging yarn into all sorts of designs in this 3D form of canvas art.  

 Watercolor Cards: Design a set of original, handmade, one of a kind greeting cards using watercolors. Learn a new technique with watercolor cards providing texture and a unique design. 

 Charm-ing Bracelets: You'll be able to create a completely unique bracelet with a set of darling whimsical charms. You can customize your bracelet with the charms that have the most meaning to you, creating a one of a kind piece of jewelry. 

Image Transfer and Upcycled Weaving
Instructor: Casey Engels
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Take imagery from one source (b+w photocopies and old magazines, in this case) and print it onto a new medium...photocopies or old magazine images as your test subjects in this experimental workshop. This technique is playful, unpredictable and lends itself to layering, creative journaling, and mixed medium creations. There are a variety of ways to do this and we will experiment with a handful of them. From the very natural orange oil transfer, to packing tape, to acrylic gel medium, we'll see what happens with each of them + what we are personally drawn to. 

Learn a simple weaving technique that is welcoming to a heap of materials. From folded newspaper strips to cut up tetrapaks (you know, what your milk or coconut water comes packaged in!). What seems like a knot of loose ends, clips and colors melds into a vessel.  This beginner skill session is great way to play with material, test its boundaries and add unexpected elements to a traditional form. Functional or decorative, these basket-bowls plant the seed for makers of all ages to move on to bigger and wilder weaving adventures.

Drama Queen! 
Instructor: The Shanghai Pearl
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The class is a mix of discussion, lecture, and movement that encourages poise, play, and wildness. Students are supported in exploring their own theatricality using melodramatic techniques that stem from clowning, burlesque, and puppetry. We will focus on presence, poise, breath, and intentional choices in walks, body positioning, and facial expressions. We will play with character building, techniques in grounding, and cultivate fierceness and ferocity. Students will come away from the day more connected with their individual range of self expression, self awareness, and play in this fun and challenging class.