Creative Art Retreats 

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Art Camp for Big Kids is a program of The Joy Guild, designed for those in need of a creative renaissance or those who want to try a new art medium in a casual and comfortable environment. All skill levels are welcome and no prior art experience is necessary. We just ask that you bring your sense of adventure and your inner child.

About The Joy Guild

The Joy Guild is a village of creative-minded people who seek fun, playfulness, and inspiration to live a happy life. Our programs encourage exploration through an artistic lens and learning-by-adventure, bringing balance to those who are busy and overworked. 

Founder Lori Stone helps people find work and play that brings them joy. Resident Muse at The Joy Guild and Lead Creatrix for Bliss & Kitsch Design House, she draws on 20+ years of work in the corporate, academic, and non-profit sectors to guide forward-thinking people and organizations.

Being a big kid at heart and having a passion for adventure leads her wandering around the globe as a travel writer, photography teacher, communications consultant, arts educator, and design junkie. As a cancer-survivor-turned-advocate, you can also catch her preaching the gospel of women's health.